Norse Mythology block – part 2

We have been having some holidays from homeschool lessons the past couple of weeks. We’ve had Anusha’s birthday and surprise visits for her from her grandparents, so we’ve had a very full house! Before our break we (just about) finished up Elki’s Norse mythology block.

We continued on as before working through the remainder of the myths in Charles Kovac’s Norse Mythology, reading two stories each day, and following the same rhythm. The first two were Thor & Thrym, and Loki’s Children,

28th July 2013 006Elki’s Summary

28th July 2013 003My picture depicting Loki with his children, the Fenris Wolf, the Midgard Serpent, and Hel,

28th July 2013 002And Elki’s picture.

We then continued on with Thor & the Giants, and Thor & Hrungnir,

28th July 2013 00928th July 2013 013My picture of Thor fighting the giant Hrungnir,

28th July 2013 011and Elki’s picture. His drawing shows Thor with a rock splinter in his head after his hammer Moilnir shattered Hrungnir’s rock hammer.

Next was Thor & Hymir, and Thor & Geirod,

28th July 2013 015

28th July 2013 018My picture showing Thor receiving the three gifts from Grid,

28th July 2013 017Elki decided to draw his picture differently, depicting Thor crossing the river to the giant Geirod’s house, and one of Geirod’s daughters.

Then Odin’s Justice and (sadly) The Death of Baldur,

28th July 2013 020Instead of drawing pictures for the story of the Death of Baldur I gave Elki a wet on dry watercolour lesson, using a lesson I bought from Syrendell.

28th July 2013 025My painting of Baldur, Hodur, and Loki,

28th July 2013 023Elki’s painting.

I found the lesson from Syrendell very helpful. I really needed more inspiration and practical ideas for approaching watercolour painting with Elki now that he is getting older. I really enjoy the process of watercolour painting but Elki finds it very difficult and quite frustrating at times. Scott told me he also used to find watercolour painting very difficult as well, so it is something I am trying to take a relaxed approached with and really just aim for Elki to enjoy the process, and not worry too much about the final outcome.

I also bought a wet on wet lesson from Syrendell of Loki, which I gave to Elki earlier on when we were working on the story of Loki’s children.

28th July 2013 027Here is my wet on wet painting of Loki,

28th July 2013 026and here is Elki’s. In this lesson we worked on some new techniques, such as, taking paint off with a clean brush, and trying to create more form with wet on wet than what we have in the past when Elki was younger. We were also lucky that during the school holidays here we were able to go to a wet on wet Norse mythology workshop that was held in Hobart by a local Waldorf teacher. I joined in, and after a story was told we all painted a picture of the Goddess Hel. Elki enjoyed this and it was good for me to see how a wet on wet painting lesson was approached by a trained Waldorf teacher.

And the last two myths we read were Loki’s Punishment and Ragnarok. We haven’t written a summary or created pictures for these yet. We are going to have a last lesson this week before moving onto a maths block next week. I am thinking that a big, colourful mural would be awesome for Ragnarok! Once we’re finished I will put all of Elki’s work together and make it into a book of Norse Mythology for him to keep. I really loved the Norse myths and thoroughly enjoyed reading them to Elki. The only criticism I have of Charles Kovac’s book was that at the very beginnnig and end he incorporated Christianity into the stories. I found this very unnecessary and out of place in a book of Norse myths and chose not to read these parts to Elki, and if you are not of Christian faith it may be something to consider if looking at a book to use for this block.

Next we are moving onto Maths. We will be working on Geometry and I will be introducing Elki to fractions. He even asked if his next block could be Maths, and I think we will both enjoy the change from Language/Arts work.


Norse Mythology block – part 1

We are now about half way through Elki’s Norse Mythology Block so I thought I’d write a post on how we are going so far! For this block I chose to use the Charles Kovac’s book Norse Mythology for Elki’s main lesson,

June 25th 2013 002
and for reading at bedtime I bought the Isabel Wyatt book Thorkill of Iceland, Viking Hero Tales.

June 25th 2013 003

This book includes two tales, Thorkill of Iceland and The Dream of King Alfdan. We recently finished reading Thorkill, which Elki really enjoyed, and are now about to start King Alfdan.

When getting prepared for Elki’s main lessons I knew I wanted to approach the days with the rhythm of reading a story one day, and the following day recalling the story read the previous day, drawing a picture with a written summary, and then reading the next story. I also wanted to attempt to complete the block in six weeks so I divided the stories in Charles Kovac’s book up so that we would be reading two tales each day (they are not very long). So, by the end of the block we will have covered the 19 Stories of the Gods, and the 3 stories of The Twilight of the Gods. There are also 4 Sagas in the book which I am going to read as bedtime stories.

I am preparing the pictures for Elki to copy but am giving him a lot of freedom to change the pictures or draw something completely different if he wants to. We are composing the summaries together, which I write down and then Elki copies.

We started with The Creation and Yggdrasil,

25th June 2013 014
My picture of Yggdrasil,

25th June 2013 013

Elki’s picture of Yggdrasil, including Odin, the Eagle at the top of the tree, and at the three roots, the giant Mimir, the three Norns, and the Dragon, there is also the little squirrel running up and down the tree.

Elki’s summaries,

25th June 2013 011 25th June 2013 012
Next was Human Beings are Made, and Odin and Mimir,

25th June 2013 016
My picture of Sol driving the Sun chariot chased by a great wolf,

25th June 2013 015
Elki’s picture of Sol and Mani driving the Sun and Moon chariots. We never got around to writing the summary for these stories so I’ve let them go.

Thor and Thialfi, and Freya’s Necklace,

25th June 2013 020
My picture of Heimdall confronting Loki with Freya’s stolen necklace,

25th June 2013 019
Elki’s picture of Heimdall and Loki battling as gods, fire and rain, and bears.

Elki’s summaries,

25th June 2013 017 25th June 2013 018

The Valkyries, and The Story of Idun,

25th June 2013 024
My picture of Idun picking her golden apples,

25th June 2013 023
Elki’s picture of Idun picking her golden apples, and Loki rescuing Idun as a Falcon, her as a Sparrow, being chased by Thiassi the giant as an Eagle.

Elki’s summaries,

25th June 2013 021 25th June 2013 022
The Story of Sif’s Hair, and The Making of Miolnir,

25th June 2013 028
My picture of Thor, Sif, and Loki after Loki returned Sif’s hair,

25th June 2013 027
Elki’s picture of Thor, Odin, and Loki after Loki brought the gifts the dwarf Dvalin made.

Elki’s summaries,

25th June 2013 025 25th June 2013 026

Loki’s Punishment, and Frey and Gerda,

25th June 2013 031
My picture of Frey’s servant Skirnir going to persuade Gerda to marry Frey, riding towards a wall of fire,

25th June 2013 030
Elki’s picture of Skirnir being chased by a wolf and riding towards the wall of fire.

Elki’s summaries,

25th June 2013 029
And that’s where we are up to at the moment! We are both loving the stories, they are a first for me too so I think I am learning just as much as Elki is! We are now continuing on with the stories and over the next three weeks I’m hoping to include some different activities like wet-on-wet watercolour painting, modelling, and some form of craft or handwork.

Throughout this block I have also included some other work. Each day we have been starting the main lesson with some active multiplication tables practice, I have given Elki two spelling lists of words from the Norse myth stories that we worked on each day, and Elki has been continuing his cursive writing practice. But more on that later!

Elki writing Norse myth summary