Why I Am Here

I live in the Tasmanian bush with my partner and two children. I am a homeschooling mother who endeavours to incorporate a love and appreciation of our Earth into my children’s lives and learning. I mainly follow a Waldorf path, and this year I am really hoping to find the way in which homeschooling works best for us as a family.

I am a lover of animals and our natural world. I have been vegan for nearly 16 years, and my children have been vegan since birth. My partner and I are environmental activists, organic toy makers, and love living amongst the Tasmanian forest with our two beautiful children.

I am writing this blog as a way to record and share the ever winding journey that my partner and I share with our children. The focus will be on our homeschooling adventures; the how, why, and what of our daily life learning.

2 thoughts on “Why I Am Here

  1. Hi,

    So lovely to have found your blog. I am beginning to homeschool my children using waldorf and montessori methodologies. I am also a vegan and hope to emphasise environmental sustainability and kindness to all sentient beings in the work we do.

    I’m really enjoying reading your blog and hearing about yourhomeschooling journey.


    • Hi Mel, thank you for your lovely message! It’s wonderful to meet another vegan homeschooler! Would love to hear how you go with starting with your children, Dani xx

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