New Year’s hopes, resolutions, goals, & things to be excited about….

So, the children and I had a chat today about the approaching new year. We talked about our hopes, things we’d like to achieve, resolutions, goals, and what we are excited about experiencing in 2016.
I’m recording them here so we can look back in a year’s time……
Mine –
* Continue to improve our eating habits, particularly for myself, and make a conscious effort to decrease sugar intake.
* Work on living more as my authentic, true self, not how people might expect me to be.
* Improve my skills and learn more about native plant dyeing.
* Mother even more from a place of understanding, with an open loving heart.
* Learn, read more, grow towards, and explore an unschooling life with the children.
* I’m super excited about watching and experiencing the growth of our beautiful baby, and his growing relationship with Elki and Anusha.
* I can’t wait to see more of our amazing country and sharing these experiences with my family!

Elki –
* I want to expand my collection of Lego mini figures.
* I would like to read books and learn about game programming and design, and designing parts of games. I’m aspiring to eventually have a name in game design and game playing.
* Learn more about WW1 and WW2.
* Get better at Lego building.
* I hope to go scuba diving perhaps at the Great Barrier reef and see the shipwreck at Byron Bay.
* I’m really excited about my birthday!

Anusha –
* I hope to be reading fluently by the end of the year.
* Get better at drawing.
* I hope to see Meerkats and Emus, and see and learn more about animals.
* I’m excited to see Uluru!


Happy New Year!! May 2016 bring your hopes and aspirations to realisation xx

What are your hopes, dreams, goals, and resolutions for 2016? What are you excited about?

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