2015; A year of change

As I think back on this year it has been really massive and life changing. It has been a gift that has brought so much love, surprises, adventure, growth, and learning to our lives.
I love the opportunities and flexibility that homeschooling offers, and this year we have experienced so much together as a family that would not be possible if our children went to school. This year brought one of the biggest of life’s lessons as we brought a new babe into our family; Zubin, our long awaited little spirit. We have learnt so much together from this adorable cherub…..

Together we bonded over the expectation of his arrival; sharing our last months, days and hours together with just the four of us, whilst imagining what we’d be like as five.

We pulled together, supporting each other, my two beautiful children, and loving partner supporting me as Zubin was birthed in our home. A lesson I hope my children will carry with them in their hearts of their mama; a strong, fearless woman of this earth facing one of the most hardest and rewarding of life’s challenges.


Over Zubin’s first days and weeks earth side we learnt to be that family of five. It was not always easy but together we looked after each other, fell deeply in love, shared the tasks of keeping this new little being safe and all his needs met, cried together as emotions like waves rolled high and low, laughed joyously within all the magical little moments, and kept our tiny house functioning as best as we could.



Then it was as if Zubin had always been with us and together we journeyed on.


In September another change entered our life in the form of a year long camping road trip around the mainland.



We are learning as we travel; from our wild amazing Earth, museums, from meeting new people and making new friends, and seeing old friends and family, botanic gardens, libraries, constructing tents, cooking under a blue sky, camping through storms, rain, mud, scorching heat, and wind, from reading books at night by our solar lamp, the internet, swimming in rivers, bushwalking to our physical limits, catching trains into the biggest city in Australia, festivals, reading road signs, budgeting our money, driving across plains of dry, flat country, and watching sunsets as we stroll along country tracks……..and this is only the beginning.



Yep, it’s been a big year. Our family has changed, our life has taken a new course, and the way we homeschool has been evolving. We are now travelling down an unschooling path and I am so excited by what 2016 has to offer!  Loving new year blessings to you all 💖

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