Powerhouse Museum, Sydney

When we were staying in Katoomba with friends we took one train ride down to Sydney to take the children to the Powerhouse Museum. Elki’s very interested in most things science and we thought Anusha would have lots of fun too.
Going to Sydney was a first for all of us, and Nush was even more excited as her friend came with us!
The train ride from Katoomba took about two hours, but finally we started to see the outskirts of Sydney flashing past.


We made our way from Central, stopping for a quick picnic lunch along the way.


At the museum we headed straight to the science experiment area.


The plasma ball was a favourite!


Anything with pedals, levers, lights, or results from the children’s direct interaction caught their attention,


as they raced around looking for the next interesting experiment.

We then excitedly moved onto the space area, and into the space shuttle simulator.


After being sufficiently weirded out by the spinning simulator (I think it affected me the most) we explored the rest of the space area and then I slowly followed behind as the children darted off to see the old trains and carriages, and the rest of the museum.



This was another favourite in a section exhibiting various ways to produce energy.


This one was not! Too loud!


We continued to wander and explore,


Ending up in the Collette Dinnigan exhibit, which the children thought was quite strange. We actually had a pretty fun time there though, coloring in and looking at the weird and wonderful clothing.
By this time we were all getting weary and in need of fresh air,


So headed outside for a play, some snacks, and then an icy pole on the walk back to the train.

Another long train ride back ended a pretty awesome day, getting home to a late dinner made for us by our friend, and our welcoming beds. 😴


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