Leura Cascades and Govett’s Leap

Over the last couple of weeks we have gone on a few walks, two being Leura Cascades and a walk called Pope’s Glen, leaving from Govett’s Leap.

2nd november 2015 062

The weather has been really up and down while we’ve been here, days often starting out with blue skies and sunshine, to then have a thunderstorm coming rolling in with an afternoon of rain. On the day we headed to Leura we were anticipating a thunderstorm around lunch time, so we set off fairly early with a picnic lunch for afterwards.

2nd november 2015 068

The Leura Cascades are just out of Leura. We decided to go on one of the easier walks, which was a loop including the cascades. The cascades are in beautiful rainforest within the Blue Mountains National Park.

2nd november 2015 076

It didn’t take long walking along a boardwalk to reach the cascades, arriving within a quite magical grotto.

2nd november 2015 077

After taking in the delicious fresh air and energy, and a climb on the rocks, we continued on down the path.

2nd november 2015 083

Often we tend to look forwards and down (especially here with so many spectacular views from the mountian tops) a lot of the time, but I love to look up at the rock and cliff features and marvel at the amazing plants and trees that seem to grow wherever there is the slightest promise of life.

2nd november 2015 085

After a short walk we came to a spectacular view of the valley and spotted this gorgeous Cockatoo on the cliff top.

2nd november 2015 096

Looking down on what I think is Leura Falls.

2nd november 2015 100

Colourful new Bracken foliage.

2nd november 2015 099

And the view over the valley.

2nd november 2015 103

We then wound our way back down again, taking the shortest path. Elki was uncharacteristically timid and unadventurous and (not uncharacteristically) eager to head back for lunch.

2nd november 2015 107

So, after Anusha had a short dip in the pool at the start of the walking track we had our picnic, and the children had a swing just as the thunderstorm rolled in.


About a week later we went to Govett’s Leap to explore some of the area and go on a more challenging walk. The view from Govett’s Leap lookout is truly amazing!


And the waterfall is beautiful. It is the only single drop waterfall in the Blue Mountains, falling for 180m.


It was magical to watch the breeze blow mist from the water across the cliff face.


At this time of year the wildflowers are blooming and as we walked we marvelled at the gorgeous little blooms dotting the trackside.


We decided to walk along the Pulpits rock track.


Which was a failry steep climb with apparently quite spectacular views.


Noticing more sweet and different wildflowers along the way.


The spectacular Grevillea.


Along the track we arrived at Pope’s Glen, a lovely cool spot for a respite on what was a warm day.


We ended up having a snack that then turned into our picnic lunch.


Whilst the children played in the sand,


the refreshing, cool water,


and nature’s playground.


After some discussion we decided to continue on the Pope’s Glen track rather than continuing up to Pulpits rock. Walking up steep tracks with lots of steps is a bit of a struggle for me carrying Zubin at the moment, and I have noticed after having my third bubba I am feeling it in my hips.


The mountainsides were coloured yellow with a flowering bush very similar to Prickly Beauty (a bush native to Tas that is very common where we live).


We all marvelled at the stunning beauty of this little wildflower,


and continued making our way along the track that eventually leads to the township of Blackheath.


We were surprised at many points along the way by flowers that we have never come across before.


The track wound it’s way along a creekside,


and a rainforested valley.

It was quite a long walk, actually longer than we thought and we were able to build up a good walking pace, not being hindered by copious steps and too many steep hills. After some time though, the children’s energy began to lag and we had to encourage them on, reminding them of our amazing surrounds, to look outward and be strong.


After arriving back at the road that led into Blackheath Anusha and Scott went on ahead to walk back to Govett’s Leap for our car, whilst Elki and I walked at a slower pace to meet them along the way.

Elki was really pushed by this remaining section of the walk, at times dramatically dropping to the ground, claiming his exhaustion and how he could not possibly go on! I gently but firmly encouraged him on, reminding him that when we push ourselves beyond the point of what we perceive to be our limits we can be very surprised by what we can achieve.

Eventually the car was in sight and Elki cried out in relief and excitement! I was proud of my boy, and when we got back into the car my little girl was asleep in her chair, Scott telling me she had been absolutely awesome and powered on until the end.

We then headed back home for some well deserved rest and dinner 🙂

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