Wentworth Falls – The Blue Mountains

As a family, we love bushwalking. Yes, sometimes the children are too tired, not in the mood, or I want to keep walking when they’ve just had enough, but on the whole when we are on a bushwalk together we have a really fantastic time, and love exploring this beautiful country.

When I was pregnant, and since having bubba we have got out of practice of going on long walks. But now, we are getting to the point where this is possible again. Of course there will be limitations to what we can do as Zubin is only 6 months old and we will be carrying him the whole time, but I’ve been really excited about exploring the mainland by foot as we travel around camping. I also hope to record all our bushwalks here as a photographic and written journal of our wanderings.

Currently we are very fortunate to be camping at a friend’s place in Katoomba, surrounded by The Blue Mountains, and yesterday we went along the Charles Darwin Walk track to Wentworth Falls.

19th October 2015 303

We began with a snack and then headed off.

19th October 2015 306

We followed the track, which weaves along beside Jamison Creek, and at the start is surrounded by native bushes, trees, and restoration areas. I’ve been seeing these flowers around the Blue Mountains a fair bit and there was quite a lot at the start of the track. I’m assuming they are a type of Waratah, so beautiful!

19th October 2015 314

Scott and Anusha went up ahead, whilst Elki and I (and Zubin) followed more slowly behind. We caught up to find a cute little bridge troll (otherwise known as Nushi) cooling her feet in the creek. Elki was very quick to join her.

19th October 2015 330

I think the best thing about this walking track was the abundance of shady and quite magical little rock pools and shallow water holes along the creek. They were irresistible 🙂 We also stopped and spotted fish from the small bridges, and at one point the children ran ahead immersed in an exploration game in which somehow Scott and I ended up being the lagging pack mule and hinny; Bert and Mary.

19th October 2015 348

I couldn’t resist the sparkling cool water either.

19th October 2015 331

This was another very sweet flowering bush dotted along the track.

19th October 2015 356

And after about an hour or so, we arrived at the Weeping rock.

19th October 2015 359

After sleeping in the Ergo for most of the track bubba woke up and now we both had a chance to cool down in the refreshing air.

19th October 2015 365

Whilst Elki was immediately drawn to the water, Nush was drawn to the sand.

19th October 2015 374

After refreshing at Weeping rock we moved on to the top of Wentworth Falls,

19th October 2015 380

where there was another delicious water hole.

19th October 2015 381

After drawing the children away from the water we continued on, now on the National Pass, to see more of the falls.

19th October 2015 382

Once again, Elki and I strolled along behind. Elki was immediately drawn into a world of dwarven kingdoms amongst the rocks and cliff faces, and elven kingdoms in the expanse of forest and trees,

19th October 2015 384

imagining hidden doors and secret entrances to vast cities above, and treetop villages below.

19th October 2015 386

The view was spectacular.

19th October 2015 391

We didn’t walk all the way down as it was very steep and fairly long, and Anusha is quite afraid of heights, but what we saw of the falls was beautiful.

19th October 2015 395

We then walked back up and went to Fletcher’s lookout for one more view of the falls and mountains. Anusha was very brave and came all the way out even though she was scared, and both the children picked out parts of the mountains that we had seen from the Three Sisters lookout a few days before.

19th October 2015 404

We saw the top of the falls from another perspective and I continued to be blown away by the majestic and ancient beauty of the land.

19th October 2015 407

By this time we were all well and truly ready for our lunch, and the children were wet and weary, so we headed up to the Wentworth Falls lookout and then onto the picnic area. I really hope to come back here one day and complete the whole of the National Pass walk so we can see more of this stunning area.

3 thoughts on “Wentworth Falls – The Blue Mountains

    • Thank you Michelle! Yes, my friends live in a stunning part of the country. We are going to move onto a free camp tomorrow and stay around a while longer so we can see more of the Blue Mountains.

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