Creativity and Play in Belanglo

We spent a week in Belanglo state forest up until yesterday. It was a very welcome change from the town camping near Canberra, and in Young.

There was a lot of time spent around the campfire, sitting in the shade, playing games, and a chance for the children to really connect with nature and get creative.

Anusha spent some time with her Dad on forest meanderings looking for feathers, and found an egg fallen from it’s nest. A very special treasure. We explained that there would be a dead baby bird inside and I suggested she find a special place for it to rest. Instead she decided to make a nest for the beautiful egg.


Once she had begun to make the nest she didn’t stop,


She continued to add to it and make it as cozy for the little egg as she could,


And I was called over to see each development.


When she had finished her nest she confided in me that she actually really wanted to take the little egg treasure with her. So, the nest became a fairy garden,


And her egg was made a new, safe nest for travelling.


Meanwhile, Elki was busy creating a woodland realm. He began by collecting pine needles,


And making a throne.


Once he had completed his throne,


He made the foundation for a cottage.


Following this though, imaginative play took precedence over construction, and he became keeper of the woodland realm with his magical staff.


His staff was his found treasure, as well as a ‘sword’, and with both he fought and won many a battle over the week.


During the week there was also lots of time spent together, sharing games and activities, including Dungeons & Dragons, ball games, and Yahtzee,


Drawing, crochet, and watercolour painting.


I think weeks spent like this will be dearly remembered.


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