Time in Canberra

After leaving our family in Young we moved onto Canberra, camping at a small, free camp in the small town of Gunning. We spent two very big and awesome days in  Canberra, going to Floriade, the War Memorial, and the National Botanic Gardens.


We spent a whole day at Floriade,


Admiring the stunning array of flowers,


Their beauty and colours,


And simplicity.


Elki had an awesome time at a forensics interactive seminar,


He put his love of mystery solving into action,


And came very close to solving the crime. It was so cute to see him in his element.


After a picnic lunch and a look at the reptile display, the children and I headed into the Circusworks tent. Anusha had loads of fun on these fantastic balancing pedals,


And Elki loved the stilts and diablo, practising the diablo and remembering how cool they are (he used to have some years ago).


We hope to get him a diablo soon so he can practice on the road.

The rest of the afternoon was spent admiring the flowers and making the most of the festival (without spending much money) before it was time to get out of the sun and go fill our bellies.

After dinner at our favourite vegan Canberran restaurant that night we set off again the following day to visit the War Memorial. I was prepared for Anusha not to like this and for it to possibly be too full on for her and I was right. So, after a brief look around I took her to the National Botanic Gardens whilst Scott and Elki stayed at the Memorial.


Elki was immediately intrigued and fascinated at the Memorial,


And as I left with Nush he was attending a guided tour, having the absolute best time.


When we were back at camp that night Elki told me all about his afternoon and how he and Scott had been able to look up and print out the service records of two of Scott’s uncles, one of which had been kept as a prisoner of war by the Japanese. It was a very special day for him.


Anusha and I had a lovely afternoon at the gardens,


After a little picnic we went for a walk on the main loop, Anusha getting surprised by a beautiful dragon and was super excited when a mama kangaroo came nearby.


Our walk took us by most areas , including the red desert flora,


This impressive Bottle tree,


And, I think Anusha’s favourite part, Rainforest gully. (My favourite too).

It was a lovely time shared with my girl, and afterwards we headed back to our little tent home for much needed rest.

The next morning we left Gunning to make our way to Katoomba, taking some time in the Wingello state forest first to breathe.

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