Our next journey begins

As I begin writing this post I am lying in bed in a cabin in Devonport. I should be sleeping but my mind is too busy.Tomorrow morning we board the ferry to Melbourne and our journey around the mainland for a year begins.

This adventure has been a dream of ours for years. Something that as a homeschooling family we knew would be a wonderful experience for the children, not to mention us!

We have been so blessed with the arrival of our beautiful boy Zubin in April this year but in other areas of our life I have been feeling stagnant and weighed down; I needed a lift and to shed the material stuff that was pulling me down, cluttering my mind, and clouding my spirit. Sedentary life brings accumulation and I felt we needed to be set free. As a family we started to talk about it seriously, things fell into place, and we knew the time was right.

So, over the past three months we have been preparing.

Of course most of our time has been occupied by soaking up and being entranced by our utterly adorable bub,




But we have also been (attempting to) organise and plan. We wound down our small business Organickinder, Scott finishing his last orders. So, now it just consists of my toys, as I can make as we travel.


Our last postal order of wooden toys

We booked the ferry, bought our beautiful Soulpad tent, and booked accommodation for our first few days in Melbourne.

Then we started sorting, clearing away, packing, and giving away a lot of our possessions and accumulated junk. We also had a market stall to raise a little money and move on our unwanted things.

We told our family and friends and started getting very, very excited!

As often happens when you invite change into your life we had some other unexpected changes occur as well. The homeschooling co-op that we had been members of for the past two years became a place we were no longer comfortable attending. We found it was no longer a supportive, trusting, and cooperative community, and made the difficult and sad decision to move on. It was a time of new beginnings, reflection, and processing with Elki and Anusha. We surrounded ourselves with close friends, some old friendships were strengthened, and loving new friendships were formed.


As the time for our departure neared we decided what was essential for our nomadic life, caught up with friends as much as possible, and the children finished up their activities.


Some essentials that we packed; Elki’s Lego tub (a scaled down collection) and an Art tub

It’s been a busy time and not everything I wanted to get done was achieved but I kept reminding myself that caring for a new bub requires your whole self and it’s OK to let things go. Enough was completed that I felt free to leave, unburdened, and when we return the work we started can continue.


And as a final goodbye and blessing before leaving our home, we buried Zubin’s placenta (or as some traditional cultures call a placenta – ‘little brother’) under Snowdrops.


So, now here we are, about to depart from Melbourne after recovering for a couple of days after crossing the straight on the ferry.


We’ve had our Melbourne vegan indulgence, caught up with a dear friend, and bought a super cute trailer for our camping gear. (No more climbing into seats over a mountain of gear for the children!)



I feel like our journey really begins tomorrow. It will be our first night camping, the first pitching of our Soulpad, and the first of many days of experiencing, sharing, and loving our life on the road – together.

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