A Simple Beltane

With the veil between the spiritual world and our’s at it’s thinnest, Anusha and I left offerings for the fairies on Beltane eve.

5th November 2014 004

On the day of celebrating Earth’s abundance, fertility, love, and vibrance we shared some simple activities. Whilst cooking lunch I gathered some household supplies (a straw, votive candle holder, sand, tissue paper, glue, scissors, and a pipe cleaner) and Anusha made a mini-maypole for our flower fairies.

5th November 2014 580

She then headed outside to pick flowers to decorate our lunchtime table.

5th November 2014 598

In the afternoon we made heart paper chains, writing or drawing something we loved on each heart and decorating them with paint and pencils.

5th November 2014 608

5th November 2014 034 5th November 2014 056

I had a go at making a tissue paper fairy, inspired by a sweet fairy bought at a local market. (A simple and really effective activity to share in the future!)

5th November 2014 031

Afterwards I read the story Thomas the Rhymer to the children and we talked about Queen Maeve of Elfland and the Green Man. Then I pulled out all my scraps and bits and bobs and we each made a goddess or god figure using straws, rubber bands, fabric, ribbon and anything else on hand.

5th November 2014 613

Elki originally started making the Green Man but then decided his figure was a scarecrow, Anusha and I both made our own versions of a fairy queen.

5th November 2014 033

We added all our goodies to our nature shelf and enjoyed the rest of a very wet, cold, and windy Beltane by the fire 🙂

5th November 2014 027


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