Taking the Road of Less Money, Slowing Down, & Turning Our Hot Water On…….

Recently we’ve made some pretty major changes to our lives…..
We made the decision that Scott, who has worked as a chef for the majority of the past 12 years, would quit his job and we would have a go at surviving off our small home business OrganicKinder, and our bush block. We know that if it’s not meant to be he can always find another cooking job, but we are hoping for the best, and keeping our fingers crossed xx
What has this meant for us?
Well, to start with a drastic drop in income. We are coping and adjusting (and we have been here before), but we are slowly realising what changes we need to make.
As we only ever had one car, now that Scott is not working it is possible for us to go to the local Sunday markets to buy organic and local veg. However it also means now that Scott is not making the hour long trip to Hobart to work four days a week, those specialty items that we used to buy regularly seem almost an impossibility. We are needing to look locally for what we used to venture for further afield, explore closer to home, and make the most of what’s available and reasonably attainable.
We are spending more time at home as a necessity and also because now we can be at home together. We have a wonderful opportunity to slow down our days, be together, share the load, love and enjoy this time with our children as a couple, and have more time to reflect on this gift of life that can easily be rushed and raced away. And now that we have another bubba on the way all of this seems all the more important!

24th October 2014 033

Prickly Beauty blooming around our property

We have always struggled with the idea and practicality of living in a rural environment but still needing to travel to the city for work. The environmental impact of all that driving, not to mention the wear and tear on the car, the time Scott had to spend away from his children and me, and not being able to fully explore living off our land and ingenuity to the extent we wanted. So, now we can put more energy into our vegetable garden, and devote more time to our business. We can appreciate our beautiful surroundings all the more, knowing we are reducing our carbon footprint and giving more back to the earth.

24th October 2014 002

One of our growing vege beds with peas, broad beans, rocket, kale, coriander, and seeds yet to sprout

7th October 2014 100

Magic Wooden Wands made by Scott recently for our shop OrganicKinder

It is of course a very big and not to be underestimated challenge but one that we are ready to take together. It isn’t always easy and we are hitting road bumps consistently along the way but we have each other to cushion the impact.
I have been very blessed to have Scott here with me throughout my early pregnancy. I have had the the time to really wallow in my debilitating morning sickness, and now that I’m 16 weeks along I can feel the sickness begin to lift, and my energy slowly return. I can now look forward to spending the rest of my pregnancy together as a family and with more energy and excitement! I look forward to taking morning walks together and continuing to appreciate the simple pleasures of our days, like the children taking late baths and sleeping in, Scott working out in the shed while the children and I work on lessons and then come together to share our meals, sitting on the verandah chatting while we watch birds flitting around us, and even arguing or butting heads to then make up again.

24th October 2014 024

I was sitting on the verandah the other day, contemplating a different life. A life in which the children were at school, and Scott and I both worked. We have never been a double income family because we have chosen to home school, and I was imagining as a parent how the days must whirl by when the whole family is so busy all the time. Of course it was my life for most of my years growing up, and even though I had a very blessed childhood, it did seem to pass by all too quickly. I knew as I sat there on the verandah that lives are too precious to let them pass by in a haze of business, and that we must slow down in whatever ways we can.

24th October 2014 010

24th October 2014 018

Slowing down means plenty of time to play for our rascals

Another change we have made only a few days ago was that, after a year of living without hot water, we decided to turn out hot water system back on! I had mixed feelings about this. We had chosen to not use our hot water system to conserve energy, electricity, and money, to reduce our footprint on mother earth. We were all completely used to living without it, but for the first time in that year I had real longings for it to be turned back on, to have that ease in our lives again, to have it on for the children, and to prepare and nest for our new bubba. I also felt the output of energy that was needed by us was not balanced with the energy that was being saved by not using the hot water, especially since we still used electricity for other household appliances. I still felt pangs of guilt about it……….but on it went. I’m not used to it yet but the ease and pleasure it provided was immediately felt by the whole family. It is now appreciated SO much more after having lived without it for a year, and we aim and hope to eventually be able to invest in solar panels and a solar hot water system.

For now though we must be content with continuing to try to reduce our impact in other simple ways, and I think the most important ways for me is to always bring awareness and deliberate thought to our everyday choice,s and to slow down, down, down!

24th October 2014 016

2 thoughts on “Taking the Road of Less Money, Slowing Down, & Turning Our Hot Water On…….

  1. Oh what happy news all round! Congratulations on the new life growing within you. And so courageous and inspiring to hear about your family decision for Scott to be at home! Sounds like you are all deepening your adventure together. Just beautiful xx

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