Anusha’s King of Ireland’s Son Main Lesson

For a second grade fairy tale/language and arts block I read Anusha The King of Ireland’s Son by Padraic Colum, as I also did for Elki when he was younger. It was nice to revisit this story with Anusha, and Elki also enjoyed listening to it for a second time.
Each day we read between 10 and 20 pages, depending on Anusha’s interest. The next day Anusha would draw a picture to illustrate what we had read the day before in her main lesson book. Mostly I had drawings pre-prepared for her to copy but occasionally Anusha preferred to draw together. At the start we were drawing with crayon, which I actually really enjoyed. I find crayon gives a simplicity to the drawing and the forms arise more easily but Anusha became frustrated with not being able add enough fine detail, so after a few drawings we changed to using pencil.
At the beginning we also started writing short summaries about what we had read. It became obvious very quickly that Anusha was not enjoying this and finding it laborious, and at this stage I did not feel it was important to push, and was happy for her to recall and record what we’d read through her artwork.
Below is how we recorded the story. My drawings are above, with Anusha’s below.
The King of Ireland’s Son riding his horse, with his hound at his heel, and his hawk on his wrist.

19th October 2014 001 19th October 2014 002

The King of Ireland’s son places the Ring of Youth over Fedelma’s heart and life came back to her.

19th October 2014 003 19th October 2014 004

The King of the Land of Mist plucks a branch of Hawthorne to place Fedelma into a slumber.

19th October 2014 007 19th October 2014 008

Curoi, the King of the Munster Fairies, turned the King of the Cats and the Eagle Emporer into stone.

19th October 2014 010 19th October 2014 011

On the shore of the lake The King of Ireland’s Son met the little Swallow people.

19th October 2014 013 19th October 2014 014

The King of Ireland’s Son came to the Old Woman of Beare’s house.

19th October 2014 015 19th October 2014 016

Rory the Fox brought the crystal egg to Old Mother Hatchie. (I misplaced my drawing for this)

19th October 2014 017

Sheen followed the corpse of the Hunter King through the Burning Forest

19th October 2014 018 19th October 2014 019

Gilly of the Goatskin listened to the Swan of Endless Tales.

19th October 2014 021 19th October 2014 022

The King’s daughter, Flame-of-Wine brought coals from one of the great fires.

19th October 2014 023 19th October 2014 024

Flann brought the Rose of Everlasting Smells to Flame-of-Wine.

19th October 2014 025 19th October 2014 026

The King of Ireland’s Son battled the King of the Land of Mist with the Sword of Light.

19th October 2014 027 19th October 2014 028

Fedelma lay in a mesh net with tresses of her hair fastened to the wall and the Hawthorne fresh beside her.

19th October 2014 029 19th October 2014 030

Flann came to the house of Crom Duv and met Morag the byre maid. All around were yellow cats guarding the Fairy Rowan tree, cattle and Morag’s little red hen.

19th October 2014 031 19th October 2014 032

The Pooka, a timid little fellow, came riding by with his big black horse.19th October 2014 033 19th October 2014 034

Caintigern the queen gave each of her seven brothers a bit of bread with a piece of the handkerchief in it that contained Morag’s seven drops of heart’s blood, and they were restored to their human forms.

19th October 2014 035 19th October 2014 036

Fedelma and the King of Ireland’s Son, and Flann and Morag were married and they feasted for six days.

19th October 2014 037 19th October 2014 038

And that was the end of the tale! Alongside this main lesson we also continued with form drawing, revising the letters of the alphabet, and Anusha intermittently worked on her poetry book.

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