Sharing our lives, why I love having our children at home

In 2005 our eldest Elki was entering the primary area of the Hills Montesorri School in the Adelaide hills. At 5 years old he had been attending the preschool since he was 3, a wonderful preschool where for the most part he enjoyed his days, loved his teachers, and made a lot of friends.

BUT….and this is a big but, I was not happy about it, and on entering the primary area Elki’s interest was waning.

As I said at the time I thought it was a great school (it would not be my choice now but at the time it was the choice we made) but it felt wrong. Everyday I would think how unnatural it seemed to drop my little boy off for the day, not to see him again until the afternoon when he would be exhausted and preparations for the following day would need to begin all over again. At such a young age is not the perfect environment for a child at home being nurtured by their family? I know it even affected me to the point of keeping somewhat disconnected from the school because subconsciously I wanted to keep distant from it, not a part of what felt wrong in my heart.

This is how I felt, and I felt it strong enough that thoughts of homeschooling started to enter my mind. We did not know many homeschoolers, and it had never been something we had thought about before, it was simply not an option we thought of as existing. But once that seed had been planted it grew and grew, and flourished into a most definite and resounding YES, this is what is right for us!

So, after Elki’s first semester in the primary, we made our move to Tasmania in 2006 and never looked back!
And now, 6 years on, I can’t imagine our lives any other way. So, I thought I’d share 10 reasons why I love having our children at home with us……….

Growing together, learning together

19th May 2014 1087

This is something that always comes to mind for me when I think of homeschooling. As the years pass we are always learning from each other, and are learning how best to learn as we all grow. It is such a joy to spend so much intimate time with my children as they develop and grow, and as I gradually grow into a wiser mama.

Staying connected

24th April 2014 662

As a parent I am always striving to maintain, and not lose connectedness with my children, and I think spending so much time with them enables us to share on an hourly basis all of our peculiarities, individualities, faults, and what makes us special. We are travelling through life together, experiencing each other warts and all, and loving each other for it all the more.

Everyday challenges and triumphs

26th march 2014 096

The small, the seemingly catastrophic, the easily overcome, and those that are not so. I love being there to help and nurture my children, and guide them through the many challenges of life, and witness the sweet triumphs and achievements on the other side.

Nurturing and nourishing

24th July 2012 085

This is very important to me, to be there for my children all the time, to nuture and nourish with love, and the experiences we can offer them.

Open doors and experiences

6th July 2014 245

It’s not always easy to arrange our timetable and offer the children everything, of course there are restrictions, like how much travel is practical, costs, and time, but I do love how we have so many opportunities. We can follow the children’s interest, try new things, and get involved in things that are important to us, like sports, music, social action, outings, being part of a community, and sharing experiences as a family.

Freedom to Follow our own rhythm

28th January 2014 099

We all enjoy the freedom that homeschooling life offers, to follow our own daily, weekly, and seasonal rhythms, and to be able to do what we love at times that suit our family.

Sharing life skills

16th july 2014 531

I think the children gain and learn so much from home life, we involve both the children in the everyday running of the household and endeavour to impart and pass on our own personal skills.

Best friends

13th March 2014 031

A true gift is seeing my children grow together, sharing their lives and a closeness that is very special.

Hanging out

19th May 2014 244

Simply hanging out together is very special to us. Having the space and time to just relax and do nothing in particular.

What’s important to us

24th April 2014 435

This must be one of my most important reasons to homeschool, being able to share with your children what is important to you and important to them. For me this extends from how we choose to have lessons, the philosophy behind how we school, and the consistency of our days and years, through to how we place importance on celebrating the earth and her seasonal cycle, and standing up for what we believe to be right.

If you’ve stopped by, thanks so much, I would love to hear what you love about sharing your life with your special little ones……..


2 thoughts on “Sharing our lives, why I love having our children at home

  1. I could not put it in better words. We decided to homeschool our son from the very beginning. We live in Melbourne and… Well… You know, we are the odd ones out (see my blog). But nothing better to have our kids around us and see them grow and be an even bigger part of it.

  2. You put it all so eloquently. Lovely to read your words-they echo my thoughts. We homeschool-in a waldorf inspired way- in the UK. We chose initially to do so because sending my very young 3 year old off to nursery just didn’t felt all wrong, so we carried on doing what we had been doing since birth and I wouldn’t want it any other way..It’s such a blessing to spend our days together.

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