Yuletide 2014

We began our preparations with paper craft.

6th July 2014 912

Revisiting snowflakes,

6th July 2014 922

getting messy with glitter,

6th July 2014 931

tearing, cutting, glueing,

6th July 2014 1092

and expressing our love of winter, and the rebirth of the sun.

6th July 2014 1093

We strung popcorn necklaces for ourselves and to dress our Yule tree, and then late into the night before Yule I finished knitting warm winter gifts,

6th July 2014 981

and wrapped all the children’s goodies.

6th July 2014 1002

The children woke us early on Yule morning, urging us out of bed, and so began the day of celebration!

6th July 2014 1009

After lighting a candle, sharing a poem and reading the tale Mother Holle, the children unwrapped their gifts and were busily lost to enjoyment.

6th July 2014 1029

Then after breakfast and saying goodbye to their dad who was off to work, we slathered pine cones in peanut butter,

6th July 2014 1030

rolled them in bird seed,

6th July 2014 1042

and hung our newly made bird feeders in the trees.

6th July 2014 1046

Later in the day we gathered rocks and bark, and made a cave for Mother Earth and the newly born sun in our garden.

6th July 2014 1050

A place of honour awaiting the darkness……….

6th July 2014 1074

With Dad back home we shared a candlelit dinner of root veg and bean soup, with sourdough toast. Then with torches and careful steps, carried figures we had formed out of modelling wax (Mother earth, baby father sun, a rock giant, and a little elf), animals, incense, and candles, out to the cave to bless the rebirth of the sun after the longest night.

6th July 2014 1076

Then back inside to the warmth to make golden syrup dumplings,

6th July 2014 1086

and fiery sun pom poms!

6th July 2014 1097

Our Yule tree brought cheer to our home for a week or so, before it was undressed and returned to the elements in our home fire.

6th July 2014 963

Our Yuletide days have been blessed by busy days, warm fires, refreshing walks, wet puddles, cozy evenings on the lounge, and tinkling fairy bells blooming on our roadside, how about yours?


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