King of Ireland’s Son – Elki’s work from 2012

Anusha has just started a Language/Arts block based on The King of Ireland’s Son by Padraic Colum. I’ve been looking back at Elki’s work from when he did the same main lesson in early 2012, and decided to gather all his work together in one post. I originally posted these photos in my old blog but they were scattered over several different posts.

I still have the original pictures that I drew for Elki to copy but will be drawing new ones for Anusha. She is really looking forward to the first picture and summary which we will be working on tomorrow. It will be interesting to see the difference in my little one’s work. It’s lovely and a bit strange to now be at the stage where I am covering some of the same blocks with Anusha that I did with Elki a couple of years ago.

4 thoughts on “King of Ireland’s Son – Elki’s work from 2012

  1. Amazing work from a second grader! How many weeks did you take for the block? I don’t think my fourth grader does that much writing in an entire year! I’d love to hear how you lay it out.

    • Hi Janel, thank you for your comment! It was really interesting looking back at Elki’s work, it surprised me how much he wrote too! When he did this block he was actually about 9, a bit older than a second grader would be in a steiner school, but we were only just beginning to include Waldorf education in our homeschooling so I started by going backwards, covering some main lessons that I knew Elki would really enjoy. In comparison, I’m doing the same block with Anusha now, who is getting close to 8, and I am giving her much less work. I think with Elki we took about 6 weeks to cover the main lesson, reading about 20 pages of the story each day. The following day we would talk about what was covered the previous day, and then Elki would copy two pictures and summaries that I had prepared. I think I may have been getting him to help me write some of the summaries as well. We continued with this rhythm throughout the block and at the end Elki put all of his work together to form a King of Ireland’s Son book, which he was very proud of. I actually think that now I would not get him to write that much but we were still learning about the Waldorf approach at the time. The amount I am getting Anusha to write is vastly less! Thanks so much for visiting x

      • Thank you for the details- I’m still learning and enjoy seeing what others do! I love his smile; he does indeed look proud. šŸ™‚

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