Wet-on-Wet Watercolour 2, Introducing Red

Over the past few weeks Anusha and I have been sharing a painting lesson together, about once a week. Continuing on from the introduction and exploration of yellow and blue, we then moved on to introducing hot, fiery red.

Large blue, small yellow no 1

For the last lesson working on yellow and blue form was added with a tall kingly blue and a small cheeky yellow. The tall blue was first painted in the centre and the small yellow added next to it. The blue then surrounded the yellow to calm it’s cheekiness but the yellow enjoyed this. Blue then encouraged yellow to spread his colour over the page and blend with blue at the bottom.

Free painting no 2

As I mentioned in my last post after we have finished the formal part of the lesson I encourage Anusha to spend time on a ‘free painting’ (she doesn’t actually need any encouragement!). She prefers to do these on dry paper and add more form using a finer brush.

Red no 3

In the next lesson I introduced Red, using Carmine red. Anusha loved to see the red spread over her page. We first painted a light background, using long strokes to cover the page, and then added the intense, fiery ball in the centre, spreading out it’s edges to blend with the background.

Red with cooler surroundings no 4

We then painted red with cooler surroundings. Beginning with yellow coming in from the edges of the paper, and blue moving outwards from the centre, followed by the hot red shape in the middle.

Red with cooler surroundings adding vermillion no 5

Working with cooler surroundings again, red shapes were added to a light green background. In this painting Vermillion red was added to the Carmine red giving it a brightness and cheeriness. The vermillion red really appealed to Anusha.

Free painting (2) no 6

And the painting she did at the end of this lesson. I love how she paints hair, so long and flowing.

Intensifying red no 7

For the following lesson we ‘intensifyed’ the red. This lesson was done in the same way as the first lesson using red, but we added Golden yellow to the red centre at the end.

Red and yellow no 8

Next we worked with red and yellow using a sprial. For this we painted the red spiral first, starting from the outside, and then painted with yellow, starting from the centre. We tried to paint the colours as close together as we could without them blending.

Red and yellow adding blue no 9

Using red and yellow again we started by painting the spiral yellow, moving out from the centre, and then using red painted inwards. To finish we added Ultramarine Blue to the red, creating the lovely purple.

Free painting (3) no 10

Anusha then painted this colourful picture to end our last lesson so far. Next we’ll be creating orange with the red and yellow.

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