Overnight Camp at Russell River

With our busy lives we don’t always have the chance to go for a long camp, no matter how much we would love to! Last weekend was one of those times, so we decided to go for a camp overnight at the Russell river, just down the road from our place,

Elki arrives on his bike, shortly followed by riding into the river in underwear

Scott and the children walked and rode down as I drove down with all our gear. Elki arrived first, his confidence on his bike ever increasing. Shortly after I took this photo he decided it would be an awesome idea to ride into the river on his bike, stripped down to the bare minimum 🙂

Tent construction begins

We always encourage the children to be involved in setting up camp, Elki enjoys hammering in the tent pegs,

Anusha is keen to help with camp set up

and Anusha is very eager to learn and help out too.

Pegs done, on to the poles

She wanted to get the tent poles ready all by herself,

Time for the fire to be lit as we prepare for dinner

and then helped Scott with lighting our campfire.

Laska settles in

Laska got comfortable on his blanket, observing the activity.

Another view of our camp

Then our little camp was all set for the night,

Quiet time by the fire

and it was time to chill by the fire,

Rock hopping

before heading off for some rock hopping,

More rock hopping

and exploration.

Mist surrounds trees young and old

In the morning we woke to an enveloping mist.

Morning brings mist

Upstream Russell river meandering down from the mountains,

Winding Russell river

and downstream winding into the mist to eventually meet the Huon river.


Reflections shimmer on the water’s surface,

Jelly fish spider webs on the rocky river shore

and spider webs on the rocky shore sparkle in the morning light.

Morning ride

I join Anusha for an early ride,

Floating driftwood

then we head down to the water.

Mum look at my discovery, water drawing!

Anusha finds a special piece of driftwood and discovers ‘water drawing’, much to Elki and her excitement.

Water drawing!

A last photo before we get ready to leave our brief but peaceful and energising camp 🙂 I hope your weekend was an energising one too x

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