Our First Homeschool Camp & A First Milestone

Last weekend we camped out with our lovely homeschool group, Hobart Natural Learner’s co-op. There was so much anticipation and excitement in the lead up to a whole weekend with friends, the children (and us parents too!) could barely wait!

We were gifted with beautiful weather the whole weekend (well, apart from being blown away by a storm as we were leaving!) and the children didn’t hesitate in getting straight into serious, all day play!

13th February 2014 001

There were many hours spent in the river,

13th February 2014 030

13th February 2014 031

Our nights were lit by campfires and sparklers.

13th February 2014 015

Elki got right into a Parkour session taken by one of our talented Dad’s,

13th February 2014 019

and I was lucky enough to celebrate a very chilled birthday doing what I love best (camping of course!) with wonderful people. Oh, and my other favourite thing (eating delicious vegan delights) was also well catered for as we came together for a group meal, followed by a very special birthday cake that Scott made in the camp kitchen.

13th February 2014 053

My little man indulging in a delicious poached pear, looking like he’s had way too much fun in the sun!

13th February 2014 064

As my birthday drew to an end Scott and I were very surprised and super happy to find that Anusha had mastered one of the very exciting milestones of childhood, learning to ride a bike!

13th February 2014 076 13th February 2014 077 13th February 2014 07813th February 2014 090

And there was no turning back!

13th February 2014 107 13th February 2014 108

We were all well worn by the end and greeted our home by collapsing on the lounge, but the next day the children were all ready asking, ‘how many days ’til the next co-op?’

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