A short camping trip in the beautiful Picton

Last weekend we decided on the spur of the moment (well on the spur of the few days beforehand) to go camping on the Picton river. It’s not very far from our place, but in our six years here have never camped there as a family! So far we usually tend to travel further away, up the east coast, but what could be better than our own doorstep!

We set off on Friday, and intended to camp at Farmhouse Creek, only to find the entrance road was locked up by Forestry for logging operations. Not very impressed, we drove on in search of a new plan, and found a roadside overnight camp not too far on.

View of the stunning river from the bridge,

28th January 2014 046 28th January 2014 050

and an eagerly awaited snack after our camp was set up.

28th January 2014 008

In the afternoon we did some exploring down at the river. Anusha found a piece of charcoal from an old campfire and drew her ever favourite drawing of a princess, while Elki found some rocks to climb.

28th January 2014 065 28th January 2014 066

Saturday morning brought cooler weather and some rain. The children got the campfire crackling to warm our chilly hands and cook porridge for our breaky.

28th January 2014 084 28th January 2014 092

Across the bridge was a mountain bike track through the forest along the river. In the afternoon we went for a walk in amongst the spectacular tree ferns, gums, mytrle, celery top pine, and native laurel.

Scott tells me this is native laurel. I hadn’t seen it before, but it caught my eye with it’s glossy, vibrant leaves. Beautiful.

28th January 2014 103

Anusha loves to venture off into fairyland and disappear amongst the trees.

28th January 2014 104

The amazing multistorey,

28th January 2014 105

and reaching sunlight through fern leaves.

28th January 2014 107

Two old friends.

28th January 2014 109

The children often start a bushwalk with a lot of running (and sometimes falling over!), loving the energy of the surrounds.

28th January 2014 111

I thought this was just beautiful, two ferns coming together as one.

28th January 2014 114

Inevitabely running leads to very tired little feet.

28th January 2014 115

On the walk back I asked the children to stand in front of a couple of the giants we passed on the way in, this was one of them.

28th January 2014 119

On Saturday afternoon we went for a drive to see if we could find another way in to Farmhouse Creek. Sadly we passed coupes of clearfells.

28th January 2014 125

But we did find a way in to Farmhouse Creek on the Picton link road, Yay!

28th January 2014 129

28th January 2014 131

Elki got to work helping set up our new campsite and we spent the next couple of days enjoying the peaceful surrounds.

28th January 2014 136

The magic of fire!

28th January 2014 157

The beautiful stretch of river at Farmhouse Creek.

28th January 2014 165

There was a lot of attempts at braving the refreshing but very cold river!

28th January 2014 189

Exploration up the riverside.

28th January 2014 216

And a fair bit of drawing, card games, and looking up at the trees.

28th January 2014 222

On Sunday we experienced a very exciting siting to round up our trip, a Platypus out for an evening feed! None of us had ever seen a wild platypus, and to start with we thought it was a water rat. I squeeled with excitement when I realised what it was. Very, very special.
Here’s the platypus coming up for air and a swim,

28th January 2014 234

and diving down again.

28th January 2014 235

That evening we had fire cooked potatoes in our camp oven, and corn cooked in their husks.

28th January 2014 238

And on Monday evening we packed up camp and headed back home, leaving me thinking, where to next?

28th January 2014 253

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