A Second Alphabet Block

It’s been a while since I finished the second block on the alphabet with Anusha, but I’m only now getting around to recording it! In this post I thought I would talk about how we went about our days and the activities, verses, and songs I chose to do with Anusha, and then I have made a separate post here including all of mine and Anusha’s drawings that we did for her main lesson book.

Throughout this block we continued on with the story of The Wise Enchanter. I chose to move a bit faster with Anusha for this block and introduce two letters at a time. I felt that we would be moving too slowly otherwise and Anusha was very keen to learn all the letters so she could start to learn to read.

Our first block ended with the introduction of F, so we continued on starting with G. Throughout this block I used the same song and verse each morning at the start of the lesson. Both are from Journey Through Time in Verse and Rhyme. The song is a traditional one, which Anusha really enjoyed, and I partly chose because of her love of birds,


Little Robin Redbreast sitting on a tree,


He made love to little Jenny Wren,


Dear little Jenny I want to marry you.

V and WXYZ

Poor little Jenny she blushed quite red.’

The verse is called Alphabet by Margaret Morgan, and goes through the whole alphabet. Each day I added the next two lines for the letters that were introduced in the story the previous day. I also made up little actions for each letter. Using a verse like this which I could add to each day made it much easier for me to remember and Anusha looked forward to hearing the next part each day.

We followed the same basic rhythm as in the previous block, reading from The Wise Enchanter and each day looking at the new letters in The Old Freedom Train. I feel it’s really important to incorporate as much movement as possible into the lessons, which we did after each new letter was introduced, and then Anusha would copy my pictures of the letters she’d been introduced to the day before into her main lesson book. After this (if I was organized enough) we would do an activity together that was related to a letter.

Some of the activities included; making Footprint Paintings for F, creating “Hand Tree” collages for H,

1st January 2014 1565

wet-on-wet watercolour painting to create Purple for P.

1st November 2013 1352

For this painting I told a little story of a hot desert as we painted. We started with the clear blue, cloudless sky, then the red hot, shimmering sand, and when they met in the middle they created a priceless, purple sunset on the horizon.

Dry watercolour painting of a Rainbow for R,

1st November 2013 1034

designing and printing Tree Buntings for T,

1st january 2014 198 1st january 2014 200 1st january 2014 205

 for U and V, modelling a clay Valley for the Underlings from The Wise Enchanter,

1st january 2014 228

and drawing, cutting, and decorating a Whipper-Whopper (a twirling kite) for W.

1st january 2014 291

Apart from this we put together some paint bags together so Anusha could practice her letter writing on a surface with a different feel and texture,

1st November 2013 978 1st November 2013 982

and she began sentence writing in her main lesson book. We hadn’t done any in the previous block, so we started with A, writing a sentence on the opposite page to her picture, and I showed her how to draw the golden path for her words to walk on, and a star between each word for spacing.

1st November 2013 1349

As we progressed through the alphabet she drew the path in the same colour as her writing and left out the stars as she was already pretty good with spacing her words.

I tried to make her block varied, fun and interesting, following the same rhythm and form but within that doing lots of different activities to really enhance her learning of the alphabet. We always started each day with ‘circle time’ including seasonal songs and verses, and at different times throughout the block I included other poems, such as The Jumblies by Edward Lear for the letter J, and stories, such as Grimm’s The Golden Goose for G. I didn’t get around to completing my alphabet frieze, only finishing one for E! But I’m hoping to finish that throughout the year as we continue on Anusha’s reading journey.

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