A Thursday Morning

On Thursday mornings we drop Scott off at work. The children love seeing their Dad at work as a chef, watching him prepare for the day and helping him with little jobs before we head off for the day.

Every Thursday we spend the day at Hobart Natural Learners Co-op, a very eagerly awaited day of the week! We have a few hours to fill after dropping Scott off and this morning we were blessed with glorious sunshine, a wonderful change from the rain and cold of the past few Thursday mornings!

We spent our time down at Kingston beach, the sunshine on the ocean welcoming our arrival!

4th December 2013 086

We walked along the sand enjoying the fresh morning air and looking for treasures,

4th December 2013 090

4th December 2013 092

And then ventured up into the forest along the Alum Cliffs walking track.

4th December 2013 094

A piggy back from mum when legs grew weary,

4th December 2013 096

And a helping hand from big brother

4th December 2013 099

As we walked we enjoyed the early morning bird’s songs, and bursts of colour from the occasional flower.

4th December 2013 104

Then we headed back down to the beach and soaked up the cool air and sand.

4th December 2013 110 4th December 2013 114

A beautiful way to start the day, how do you like to start your day?


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