Snapshots of our Winter Solstice

24th june 2013 548

We woke to a frosted morning,

24th june 2013 553

and after breakfast gathered around our solstice tree, decorated with paper stars, snowflakes, and stringed popcorn. Shared a story, and exchanged gifts.

24th june 2013 517

The day before we’d made a Father sun collage together, decorating a layer each, to celebrate his rebirth after winter’s longest night.

24th june 2013 537

We then decorated our star biscuits, which we’d baked the day before, with icing and sparkles,

24th june 2013 583

and baked Mother Earth’s wish bread (recipe found in Circle Round), sharing our wishes for the new year as we shaped the dough with our hands.

24th june 2013 585

We prepared our solstice spiral with evergreens, placing a candle, vase of evergreens, and special rock in the centre,

24th june 2013 593

“Deep mid-winter drawing near,

darkness in our garden here –

One small flace yet bravely burns,

to show a path which ever turns.

Earth, please bear us as we go,

seeking light to send a-glow:

Branches green and moss and fern,

mark our path to trace each turn.

Brother animals, teach us too

to serve with patience as you do.

We walk with candle toward the light,

while earth awaits with hope so bright.

In the light which finds new birth,

love may spread o’er all the Earth.

Deep mid-winter drawing near,

may light arise in our garden here.”

From the Wonder of Childhood.

And I was so happy to walk our spiral outside in our garden this year! Last year was too wet, but this year was clear and very cold! I think it made our spiral even more meaningful to be experiencing winter’s darkness and biting cold as we walked the spiral, the light increasing with each candle, and guiding our path.

“Elki is walking to get his little light.

All the stars are watching him, by day and by night……”

“Now he has his little light,

and his face is shining bright.

Carefully he’ll guard it,

all through the winter’s night.”

24th june 2013 613After our celebration we were eager to get back inside to the warmth of the fire. We made tin can lanterns, which I had prepared the day before by filling with water and freezing. With hammer and nails we made patterns on our tins and ate a warming vege roast by candlelight, with our wish bread and star biscuits for dessert. We spent the rest of the night by the fire, playing board games and sharing another story. Then we tucked the little ones in bed to await Father sun’s return!

Mother Night

“Mother Night,

let them run in your fields of darkness,

let them drink from the cup of your milky moon,

rock them in your blanket of stars,

and when you depart,

kiss their waking souls with your wisdom.”

Bedtime Prayer

“There is a candle by my bed,

it dances as with cheer,

while I say preayers for those in need,

and those I hold most dear.

There is a candle by my bed,

it’s there to let me know.

The spirit hears my bedtime prayers,

in the low light of it’s glow.

And though I reach to blow it out

when my prayers are done,

that little flame lives in my heart,

’til the day returns the sun.”

(Seven times the Sun, Shea Darian)

And the night after we went along to a local lantern festival for the first time,

24th june 2013 68924th june 2013 70024th june 2013 70224th june 2013 71124th june 2013 71724th june 2013 718 24th june 2013 72024th june 2013 627

Many Happy Winter wishes xxx

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