How we started this year

Before we went camping a few weeks ago we attempted to do some homeschooling while my parents were here. We did get some work done, but we were weren’t too full on about it as I think it is most important for the children to spend the time with their grandparents who they only get to see once or twice a year.

I thought I would share what we did accomplish before I post about what we are doing now!

I started Anusha’s first grade with a block of Form drawing. Traditionally in Waldorf schools first grade starts with a form drawing block before the children move on to learning the alphabet and numbers.

We started with the straight line. I told Anusha that the straight line was like a tall tree reaching up to the sky. We practised being tall, straight trees, walked straight lines on the floor, and drew straight lines in the air. We went outside and looked for straight lines; tree trunks, branches, trampoline poles, the decking, and Anusha practised being a straight line whilst jumping on the trampoline. We drew straight lines in the dirt with our fingers and toes, and then went back inside to look for mores straight lines, and there were a lot!

After this Anusha made straight lines with playdough, practised drawing a straight line on the blackboard and on some paper, and then finally drew a straight line in her main lesson book,


Over the next few days we did some different forms with the straight line,


each time going through a similar process.

27th March 2013 056

Drawing in the sand tray usually led to play with animals but I wanted to take it slowly for Anusha’s first main lesson block, and it’s a bit hard to resist playing in the sand!

27th March 2013 061

After we had gone through a few forms with the straight line we moved onto the curved line. We imagined the curved line to be the sun rising over the horizon, and the one below using three curved lines to be a mountain range.

21st March 2013 004

I will continue with form drawing throughout the year, probably as a weekly lesson alongside other main lessons, when we’ll move onto standing forms. It was a little bit hard starting with form drawing because Anusha was soooo excited about starting to learn the alphabet, but once we got started each day she did enjoy it, especially the parts of the lesson when we were being active and making the forms with our bodys.

Whilst I was doing form drawing with Anusha, Elki was doing a building block with his father. Building is actually a third grade main lesson but we weren’t following a Waldorf curriculum when Elki was nine, and we thought it would still be a wonderful thing for him and his father to do together. They started building a treehouse from scratch, using wood sourced from our property, or old timber we had stored. A while before they started we borrowed a couple of books from the library about how to build treehouses and play forts, they picked a tree together, and began by drawing up the plans.


Scott gave Elki an old tool belt that he didn’t use, and we bought him a new saw.

11th march 2013 022

Throughout this process Scott is trying to get Elki to do as much of the building as possible, such as drawing the patterns, measuring, sawing, and drilling. Elki has been really enthusiastic and I think he loves the idea that when it is finished he will have done a lot of the building himself. They are going to continue building in the afternoons and hope to have it finished in a few weeks!

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