Breath of Fresh Air at Bay of Fires

Over the Easter weekend we went for a family camping trip up the North east coast of Tasmania to the Bay of Fires. This was an eagerly awaited getaway for me and the whole family. We spent the first half with my parents, and then after they headed back to Adelaide, we stayed on for another few days.

We hadn’t been to the Bay of Fires before, I was blown away by the beautiful crystal clear seas, and one special bay after another. The children revelled in the sandy shores and rocky coastlines, and we were extremely lucky with the weather! We had a whole week of sunny days, pretty unusual for Tassie!

I feel completely at home when camping. Waking with the light and the sounds of birds to spend the day enjoying nature and each other’s company is bliss to me! And the children absolutely love it. I think our camping trips are so important for them, experiencing nature without the trappings and intrusions of regular day-to-day life, free from the pressures of society – for me it’s natural learning at it’s best!

Walk to Skeleton Point (10)

Walk to Skeleton Point (28)

The sand and sea called to the children and invited them to play,

Anusha and I at Dora Point (4)

Jeanneret Beach (1)

Jeanneret Beach (9)

Sloop Reef (2)

we walked along ancient, rust coloured rocky coastlines,

Walk to Skeleton Point (6)

Walk to Skeleton Point (17)

and passed some time playing cards and enjoying camping life.

Canasta by lamplight at Dora Point campground (6)

Laska at our Dora Point campsite

I soaked up the peaceful crashing waves, sparkling waters, and serene beachside forest as much as I could!

Anusha and I at Dora Point (5)

Swimcart Beach (2)

Walk to Humbug Bay (18)

Walk to Skeleton Point (30)

I think we all would have loved to stay much longer, and have started planning a year long journey around the mainland in two year’s time!

But now with my energy renewed I look forward to our coming months of homeschooling lessons and am excited about what is coming….

2 thoughts on “Breath of Fresh Air at Bay of Fires

    • Awesome, sounds great, we are really looking forward to going back there. We stayed at Dora point campground which was really wonderful and large with lots of campsites. Next time we might stay at Swimcart campground, we found a lovely campsite there back from the beach where we had a picnic. Here’s to a warm Spring!

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