Our Autumn Equinox

Yesterday we celebrated the Autumn Equinox or Mabon. I wanted us to spend time outside in nature and had originally planned for us to go on a walk. My parents are over at the moment and we were going to go for a beautiful walk to some local waterfalls, but poor Scott has had terrible tooth trouble and had one of his wisdom teeth out on Tuesday so he wasn’t really up for a bushwalk! Instead I thought we could go for a drive down along the Huon river, have a picnic and see if the organic berry farm was open.

I began the morning with the children by reading them two stories from Circle Round, The Story of Mabon, Son of Modron, and a story from the phillipines called Amiyao and the Magic Gongs. After this we talked about the equinox and how it is a time for being thankful and what we were thankful for, and then we did a craft activity, which I called ‘Thanking flags’.

To prepare for this I cut out 8x9cm (the extra 1cm on the top is for attaching to the string) pieces of watercolour paper. Then we just used pencils to create our flags. On each flag we drew a picture of something we are thankful for and shaded around it. I also said to Elki that he could write what he was thankful for and colour around that, which he did for one of his flags.

21st March 2013 062

Elki was thankful for fun, plants (he drew a seedling), waves, wind and sun, and deer.

21st March 2013 060

Anusha was thankful for bunnies, fruit, and pumpkins,

21st March 2013 064

I was thankful for our dog Laska, fruit, and trees.

I told the children they could do as many as they liked, and then we glued our flags onto some hemp string by folding the top of the flags over, and holding them in place with paper clips until they dried,

21st March 2013 097

and later in the afternoon I hung them under the verandah.

After our activity we headed off for our drive and picnic.

We stopped off at Petchey’s bay, enjoyed the beautiful sunshine, and surprisingly warm water, and collected some treasures.

21st March 2013 066

21st March 2013 076

21st March 2013 071

Then we continued on to find a picnic spot.

21st March 2013 081

After some exploring we journeyed on. Unfortunatley the berry farm was closed but we drove onto Cygnet, had a coffee and got some lovely veg for dinner.

For our Autumn equinox dinner I made an Autumn stew with pumkin, sweet potato, carrot, zucchini, silverbeet, and other delights, and Scott made potato mash to go with it. Before eating I said a Harvest chant from Circle Round and lit a candle. Then for dessert we made baked apples, which the children helped to stuff with a mixture of currants, walnuts, cinnamon, and rapadura sugar, and we ate them with ice-cream, strawberries, and blueberries. The nourishing delights of Autumn!

21st March 2013 111

Colourful blessings to everyone this Autumn Equinox!

21st March 2013 121




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