Eleven Years Over the Rainbow Bridge

Recently we celebrated Elki’s 11th birthday!

When we started Waldorf homeschooling last year I decided to write a Rainbow bridge birth story for both of the children’s birthdays. The stories both tell of the children’s journey over the rainbow bridge as they were born. I got inspiration for the stories from Beyond the Rainbow Bridge by Barbara Patterson and Pamela Bradley, and other blogger’s stories, including this one at Mystical Kingdom.

We began Elki’s birthday with his celebration and followed this with giving him his gifts. I had previously made Elki a birthday book, which started with his Rainbow bridge story and then went on with photos and stories of each year of his life. I added to his book this year to include his last year. I have a rainbow play cloth that I lay on the floor, me at one end and Elki at the other, and we have a candle holder that Scott made from a salvaged piece of wood with eleven candles in it and his birth candle in the centre.


And I began by reading Elki his birth story,

Once upon a time, in a beautiful heavenly place, among the shining stars, there lived a very special little child. He worked in the house of Moon, he worked in the house of Sun, and he worked in the house of Stars. When he had finished his work in each house he received gifts of Love, Warmth, and Magic.

One time when he was with his special fairy friend, the clouds parted and down below him he saw a round emerald jewel. He dearly wanted to see more, but as he looked closer the clouds came together again. He went to Fairy and told her of what he had seen. “That is Earth”, said Fairy. “May I go there?” he asked. “Yes, you may, but when it is the right time”, replied Fairy. So the child went on living happily, amongst all his fairy friends in the stars.

A while later the clouds parted again, and this time the child saw all the colours of the rainbow. He saw many beautiful things on Earth and felt like he were a part of them, there was vast, sparkling blue oceans with whales splashing their enormous tails, lush, leafy forests with giant, sprawling trees, buzzing bees and butterflies fluttering amongst flowers of all colours, gentle, cuddly creatures munching on dewy green grasses, and strong, rocky mountains reaching up towards him!

Then he saw earthly children playing, running, jumping, and laughing. He saw earthly mothers and fathers doing their work. There was a farmer, a builder, others were bakers, shoemakers, and shopkeepers. And he saw mothers and fathers taking loving care of their children.

Then the child was drawn to look at a special place where he saw a woman and a man full of love and kindness. “Oh, I want to go to them”, he said. But when he told Fairy, she said, “It is not yet the right time, first you must go through the land of Dream.”

So, the child went on a very special journey in the land of Dream. There he saw the loving woman and man from Earth and loved them dearly. He said to them, “I want to be in your family, will you be my mother and father?” The woman and the man warmly gazed upon the child and with all the love in their hearts, they answered, “Yes”.

When the child told Fairy about his dream, she said, “Now it is time, I will accompany you on your journey, and the gifts of Love, Warmth, and Magic that you received from Moon, Sun, and the Stars will help you with the work you choose to do on Earth”.

So the very special little child once again went to the land of Dream, and while Moon waxed and waned ten times, the child gently rocked in a little golden boat. At the end of that time a beautiful rainbow bridge stretched out before him and with Fairy he travelled over the rainbow bridge. He felt a bit anxious about leaving his heavenly place among the stars but with courage in his heart he said goodbye to Fairy and………

a little baby boy was born upon Earth. He opened his eyes and saw the woman and man from his dream. “Oh, he’s so beautiful”, they said, “we shall name him Elki Oscar”. His mother and father were overwhelmed with the love they felt for Elki, his mother picked him up in her arms and hugged him for the first time. It was very early in the morning and Elki’s mother and father had been waiting for him to come all night long. Elki fed from his mother’s breast and hearing her loving heart beating and feeling the warmth of his father close by, he fell asleep in his mama’s arms.

As I read the part where Elki crosses the rainbow bridge he came over the play cloth to me and sat with me as I read the rest of his book. Whilst I read Scott lit the birth candle for Elki’s birth, and then each of the eleven candles for each year of Elki’s life. My sweet boy loves this celebration even at eleven, and it is a beautiful way to share with him how special he is to us (but beware you may end up in tears!)


After gift giving we had a family lunch and special dinner followed by cake, and he got to share his special day with his grandparents who are visiting at the moment.


Here’s Elki with his long awaited (after I made Anusha one last year) Waldorf doll ‘Oscar’,


And posing for two cameras with his vegan blackforest birthday cake,


And so my beautiful boy is now eleven!

2 thoughts on “Eleven Years Over the Rainbow Bridge

  1. What a beautiful story for your birthday boy! I so love the rainbow bridge stories and how they are personalised for each child. And what an amazing candle holder! Hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating xx

    • Thank you Kelly! We did have a great day, and we are also going to take Elki out for mini-golf with friends which should be amusing! I’ll let Scott know you like the candle holder! xx

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